AAU Basketball

High Impact Foundation helps young men and women develop and grow in life through sports. Through a program that helps young boys overcome physical, social, and emotional obstacles, High Impact Foundation helps give them the tools they need to go on to do great things in life.

High Impact Foundation's Middle and High School Boys basketball program is just one of the many ways we give back to the community. Our goal is to help young men develop and grow in life through sports, which is why we focus on not only playing basketball, but on life itself. Whether you're a player or a volunteer, you'll get a chance to meet other young men and learn about life as you go on to do great things in your life.

You are not just a number at High Impact. YOU are a part of the family. From the moment you walk through our doors, we begin to build a personal relationship with you and  your child.  We are committed to having a meaningful bond with every player and parent on each of our teams.  We are also committed to providing the best possible role models and mentorship to each child in our program. However, respect must go both ways and we reserve the right to ask you and your child to leave if you become unruly, disrespectful, or do not follow our guidelines outlined in the packet.


It is the intention of the High Impact to provide an outstanding youth sport experience for all players and parents. We believe that we have provided full disclosure and transparency for all attributes to registering for our program. In addition, we have incurred significant portion of the player expenses that cannot be returned. Some of these are court expenses, insurance, AAU registration fees, tournament entry fees and uniform taxes etc. Therefore, we do not believe a refund is in order. We reserve the right to discuss very extreme situations that may arise that are totally out of the control of the player or family. The amount provided back to the family is at the discretion of the High Impact Board of Directors. The amount agreed to be returned would be returned within 30 days of a decision.